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Measuring Curtain Width

For the best result, use a metal tape as they are more rigid help to give a more accurate result.
The curtain track, or pole should be positioned at approximately 6" higher than the window, and should be wider than the window by 6-8" either side.

If you are using a curtain track be sure to measure its full length. For curtain poles you should only measure the length of the pole and not the finials (the decorative pieces on the end).

Use your curtain track or pole length to work out the width of your curtains. Use the header type to make the following calculations if you wish to achieve a soft and gathered look when the curtains are closed.

  • Eyelet - pole or track width x 1.5 or 2
  • Tab top - pole or track width x 1.5 or 2
  • Pencil pleat - pole or track width x 2

Add a further 8" to the width measurement to allow your curtains to overlap in the middle when closed and accommodate for header bounceback.

Measuring Curtain Length & Drop

Decide where you would like your curtains to end. Still length curtains should finish either half an inch (1.5cm) above the windowsill or 6" below the sill. Floor length curtains should ideally finish half an incch (1.5cm) above the floor.

It's important to measure at two or three different points of your windowsill or floor because they are not always level, this will ensure the best results.

To measure the drop of your curtains, use the kind of curtains you're going to hang as a guide.

Eyelet and tab top curtain measurements - measure from the top of the curtain pole to where you want the curtain to finish. Please note that eyelet curtains can only be used with a curtain pole.

Curtain track: measure from the bottom of the track glider to your chosen end point (e.g. windowsill or floor)
Curtain pole: measure from the bottom of the pole rings to where you want the curtain to end.